Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act
BAS Management complies with all collection laws. We are licensed as a Consumer Collection Agency by the by the Florida Office of Financial Regulation.

FDCPA— Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Our employees receive training on the FDCPA. All accounts are handled in a respectful and professional manner. We comply with both the word and the intent of the law.

HIPAA — Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Any medical information provided to us on your accounts is confidential. The security levels built into our system allow us to present only the information necessary for our employees to perform their specific function in the collection process.

FCRA — Fair Credit Reporting Act
Many of our clients ask us to place their accounts with the various Credit Bureaus. Our employees are trained on the requirements that information provided is accurate and treated in a confidential manner.

CFPB — Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
BAS Management is registered with the CFPB and cooperates fully if there is ever a consumer inquiry about our collection activities.