Our management team is a diverse group of professionals. They are long-term employees of our company and have earned many awards in their respective fields of expertise. Each department within our company is managed with a commitment to excellence in customer service, sensitivity to customer needs, and delivery in an ethical professional and legal manner of high-quality service to our clients and their patients.

Industry Experts


Mr. France has had a long career in the collection industry. During his tenure at BAS Management he worked his way up from General Manager to ultimately becoming CEO in 1996.

He has been very active in the collection industry on both the State and National levels. He chaired several committees as well as held all offices in the Florida Collectors Association including President.

As chairman of the Legislative Committee of the Florida Collectors Association he was involved in a national lobbying effort which was successful in passing HR 237, a bill that removed the attorney exemption from PL95-109, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The bill was passed in 1986. On the state level Mr. France worked extensively on SB 196, which provides for the Right of Assignment of consumer claims in Florida. The bill was passed in 1989.

During the 1993 legislative session he worked extensively with the Florida Legislature in passing HB1423, the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act and the Florida Commercial Collection Practices Act which took effect on October 1, 1993. This law regulates all collection practices in Florida and provides for registration of both commercial and consumer collection agencies in the State of Florida.

He also served for ten years on the Board of Directors of ACA International. Mr. France was presented with the President’s Award by the Florida Collectors Association, Inc. in recognition of his extensive work on legislative issues.


Paul Keeling joined BAS Management as Director of Marketing after twenty-two years in the telecom industry. Paul held various positions, including Director of Sales for Account Management at Windstream, a national telecommunications provider of voice and data services.

Paul and his team managed a base of accounts that handled requests that included new service, trouble tickets, moves, adds and changes, executive escalations and any other customer need. He was a successful Director and team player, having won several awards and being a member of the companies President’s Club.

Paul is a graduate of Marshall University with a BBA in Finance. His career in sales management has taken him from a retail clothing buyer/manager to medical supplies to the telecom industry and now BAS Management. He has extensive knowledge of sales techniques and is willing to work with all to achieve mutually obtainable goals. Paul’s experience in multiple industries brings to BAS Management the ability to relate to the challenges experienced by our wide range of clients.


Mr. Irving is a native of St. Thomas, Jamaica who migrated to the United States in 1999. After high school he studied both Business Administration and Accounting at the Seaford Institute in Jamaica.

He joined BAS Management in 2003 and has extensive experience in all phases of the Revenue Cycle for hospitals and large physician practices. Mr. Irving has proven to be a dynamic leader and team builder.

In addition to managing our Collection and Billing Departments he provides support services for multiple healthcare facilities. He is an invaluable resource of leadership, not only for our staff but also for numerous clients.