BAS has invested in technology that is necessary and appropriate for today’s demanding collection processes. Our technology not only allows us to use our staff and management resources efficiently, it also offers customers a positive experience as they work with us to resolve their accounts.

Collection System

Our collection technology, RMEx by Quantrax Corporation is built around the modern hardware and software methodologies. In addition, our integrated I-Tel dialer offers us compliance features and controls that are not available with other systems.

The business model of the RMEx software is based on artificial intelligence and knowledge-based technology. The system is designed to insure compliance, create controls and monitor costs on an account by account basis.

BAS Management has a highly experienced and knowledgeable workforce that utilizes the RMEx technology to manage your company’s receivables in the most efficient manner possible.

Dialer System

With the high value that has to be placed on productivity and the recent and potential changes in regulations pertaining to the use of predictive dialers, it is important that our dialer platform is fully compatible with our Collection System.

The sophisticated integration of RMEx collection software with I-Tel’s architecture provides support for all phases of call management including call recording, message playback, call monitoring and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Results of all call activity are updated on your customer’s account in real time.


Our infrastructure gives us the ability to establish a secure network between your office and ours in order to streamline the flow of information being sent to and from us. Through this network we are able to efficiently work with you utilizing the upmost security while always complying with HIPAA regulations.

Our system allows your customer to make payments without having to speak to an account representative. This payment module is available on a 24/7 basis.

BAS Management has the tools to help you succeed in meeting your goals.